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Smart Uni App Features & Accessibility

Smart Uni is the App built for University Scholars . Helping Students to access all their stuffs in one point!.

Easy access Online

Easly access all of your Study materialsĀ online with the single click on hand!

Easy to Use

Smart Uni app is easy to use and responsive in any smartphone device!

Offline Access

With Smart Uni you can access all services offline once loaded from the Internet at first time!

Developed & Mantained by

Smart Uni App is developed and Mantained by MainFintech labs under Mainstream Media LMTD in Tanzania - Dar-es-Salaam!

Smart Uni Academic

The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely.

Notes Access

Store & Access all Class Notesn easly per specific Semister within App with offline Read

Timetable Access

Upload & Access class Timetables in App with reminders of currents upcoming & Ongoing Sessions!

Assignment Access

Easly Access and Post class Asignments at any Time once uploaded

Q & A Access

Upload & Manage Semister Q & A, with past papers and other usefull Q & A Materials

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Smart Uni updated version is Available Playstore download and enjoy Uni Life with your fellow Mates in the University.